Kingman Sofa



• Material: Ash Upholstery
• Dimensions (in): W 96.85 x D 35.43 x H 34.65
• Dimensions (cm): W 246 x D 90 x H 88
• Handmade In Italy



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If you are a furniture supplier and looking for a Kingman sofa, then you need to check out who offers the best Kingman sofa near you. Unlimited Product Store is a leading company to provide the best furniture. This was classicism and modernity that spans all eras, bringing harmony and order to a wide range of inspirations.

Kingman Sofa Details

 If you want a sofa, then certainly you will need a big and stylish one. While pulling design influences from the first half of the 19th Century and varying its sizes, Kingman winks at American art deco. A high-back couch with hammer armrests that embellish the interior of the back combines traditional cushioned craftsmanship with simple, timeless patterns. The base and two short wooden legs that attach to the two-seat pillows sustain the form. Continue your reading on the same page and learn more about the Kingman sofa. Below is a quick review of the dimensions of the Kingman sofa.

Dimension of Kingman Sofa

  • Width of Kingman Sofa: 96
  • Height of Kingman Sofa: 34.65
  • Color of Kingman Sofa: brown
  • Material of Kingman Sofa: Ash upholstery
  • Pillows Quantity of Kingman Sofa: Five

Features of Kingman Sofa

  • Perfect for marriage 
  • Most Unique 
  • Modern Style 
  • Comfortable and soft 
  • Along with 5 pillows
  • A high back coach 
  • Hammer arrests 
  • Traditional mitigated 
  • Simple and two unique legs
  • Cozy sofa
  • Comfortable furniture


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